Monday, March 24, 2003

  • What: Treadmill Walk
  • Duration: 40 min (5 warmup + 30 walk + 5 cooldown)
  • Ave Speed: 3.2 mph
  • Distance: 2 miles

After my chat with Adrith, Paul and I watched the commentary to Hairspray while I took my walk and he finished making his new power supply thingie. I had asked him if he wanted me to renew our Sportbrain's since they've gone to membership fees and he said, "Yep." Now I kick myself for not asking him earlier this weekend because after putting in today's walk I realized I'm going to have to futz around with calibrating it again since it's been reset. I know I walked 2 miles, it thinks I walked 2.5. I know I didn't go faster than 3.2 mph but it thinks I went 3.7 mph. That's too big an error margin and it took me forver to get it calibrated the last time. Pooh.

But the walk was easy going and my sneaker didn't bother me for a change although I could feel it was totally worn down in the toe box. I'm NEVER doing a catalog paper order from Road Runner Sports again. Online orders get processed so much faster. How long have I been waiting for my sneakers to arrive?!

Time for Lust in the Dust. Yay!

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