Wednesday, March 26, 2003

I am eating my yogurt and dread, dread, dreading having to make and eat eggs for lunch. Just not in the mood. But I have to use them up. You know how that goes.

Last night I felt super bad and hid in the couch and whimpered every time Paul came along trying to show me bits of this thing he's making. I wasn't esp. enthusiastic and he started getting worried about me. I had a headache, I had cramps, my boobs were killing me, I was queasy. Basically I just wanted to be left alone and I watched the commentary to Cecil B. Demented until I dozed because Paul had put it on and I didn't have the energy to change it to something else I wanted to fall asleep to. 2:38 AM rolled around and I dragged myself to pee, brush my teeth and get into bed properly and wouldn't you know... my period started. If I had more energy I'd cheer and dance but I don't so the period party will have to wait until the weekend. I'm sure Paul will be thrilled when the boob ban is lifted and he can go back to fondling me at will rather than having me snap at him when he gets too close to me.

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