Thursday, March 27, 2003

Paul understands this feeling entirely. It happesn when a sentence from a book pop sinto your head nad you have to read that paragraph. RIGHT NOW. So you hunt madly for the book so you can rest at ease. Or it's a line from a movie and you have to watch it. RIGHT NOW. (Bless DVDs... fast forwarding on tape is a drag.) Unfortunately for me it's Chuck Berry and I'm fighting in my head.

Me: Chuck Berry! Now! Now!

Me: Shut up. We have no Chuck Berry.

Me: Chuck Berry! Now! Pleeeeease!

Me: I said we have NO Chuck berry! deal with it!

Me: I caaaaan't.

It's just been "Riding along in my calaboose, Still trying to get her belt a-loose" the whole dang time.

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