Saturday, February 01, 2003

  • What: walk on pier/beach

  • Distance: 1+ miles

Today we went fishing at Jetty Park. Of all places to be today.

But we had no idea, we left the house early and didn't look at any news. It wasn't til we were in Cocoa and I saw all the half mast flags that I realized something must have gone wrong NASA-wise. I didn't remember hearing any booms from landings/launches so I was puzzled. Then when we were walking up the pier with our gear I overheard another fisherman's radio saying something about shuttle pieces somewhere and I knew something bad happened. Paul and I hoped it wasn't going to be another Challenger and it turned out it was. Columbia fell apart this morning over Texas. Can you imagine how all these people must feel? The poor families!

And this week too! The same week 17 years ago for Challenger. I don't know what to think.

As for our day... We'd never been there before but I think if the fishing improves in warm weather it oculd easily become our favorite spot because apart from the fishing, you can hang out on the beach. There's playgrounds for when we have the nieces with us too. We got some nibbles on the pier but I really think it was too cold for the fish to bite a whole lot. Neither one of us got anything. The weather was warm but windy so it felt cool. It was supposed to be a high of 69 deg today so I went in shorts but took a hoodie sweatshirt with me. After tossing all the fishing stuff back in the car we took our shoes off and strolled along the beach talking, looking for shells, and just enjoying the scenary and each other.

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