Thursday, February 13, 2003

Weigh-in-Wednesday: It's Sabotage

1. Do you keep anything in your home that is off program? If so, what is it? If not, how have you kept that up?

2. Do you have people around you that sabotage your efforts? If not, do you have offline encouragement?

3. Where are you most easily sabotaged? For instance... at work, at home?

1) Many things... soda, ice cream, crackers, chips... Paul's putting on weight while I lose it. I can't imagine a more bizarre situation for a dieter.

2) Not really -- no people sabotage me other than me. But yes, I have online support if I feel like looking for it.

3) I'm most easily derailed at dinner. Unless I cook ahead for dinner, I'm easily persuaded to do something else -- eat fast food, take out, have endless cereal, whatever. I opt for the easy choice because by that point I've been worn out. Too tired to care.

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