Friday, January 31, 2003

  • What: walk on treadmill

  • Distance: 1 miles

  • Time: 20 minutes

  • Speed: 3 mph

  • Average Heart Rate: 144

  • Steps: 2388

  • Calories Burned: 133

Nrrrgh... I've gone back to the default calibration on sportbrain. It just comes out too strange when I try to do it. It's closer with the default.

Still sniffling and Paul wakes me up at night because he gets annoyed with my snorting and snorking with this clogged nose. But I feel upbeat and the walk wasn't bad. Glad it was short though. My throat is scratchy.

You know how you think about doing something and then for whatever reason you don't? Until one day it makes you absolutely CRAZY so you have to do it right that SECOND? Yeah, you know what I'm saying.

I got tired of having my water on the floor. Especially when I'm sick and my throat makes me want to drink continuously for relief. So I went and got that black plastic tumbler I got at freshman orientation in college years ago off of my desk. I've been using it for a pencil cup for almost 10 years! I took it into the garage, drilled 4 holes in it, threaded 2 cable ties through the holes and then secured it to the bar of my treadmill. Ta-da. Water bottle holder!

They sell water holders for treadmills as accessories and if I was still going to Bally's I would have ordered two Aquahooks instead. But I'm Bally free (yay!) and I wanted it today hence the pencil cup mutilation.

But those hooks are clever aren't they?

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