Thursday, February 06, 2003

No exercise yesterday. Too caught up in watching Paul play Return to Castle Wolfenstein
in the dark. Scary! If weather holds, I have water aerobics tonight though.


This morning I was remembering all the things I've tried. What are all
the things you've tried for exercise? What did you like and not like? I went through
more than a year of experimenting... here is my list...

1) Water Aerobics.
Liked the class atmosphere, liked being in the pool because it was refreshing.
Kind to joints.

2) Swimming. Liked being in the refreshing pool. Kind to joints.

3) Tennis. I like the idea of it, unfortunately I stink at anything involving
a ball. Spend more time seeking balls I've hit over the guard fence than anything

4) Skating. I like the idea of it, but my skating skills have much to
be desired so I can't count on this for more than a "change of pace/only for fun"
kind of activity. I bash into things too much for it to be a reliable workout

5) Biking @ gym. Booooring and last resort if all other cardio machines
are taken.

6) Biking outdoors. Fun but at the mercy of weather. Mountain biking
on trails is the best but then there's the drive to get to said trails. Weekends

7) Stairclimber @ gym. Ugh. My knees!

8) Elliptical Cross trainer @
gym -- loved it! The only reason I stayed at the gym so long apart from weights.

9) Treadmill @ gym -- 2nd choice activity. Fun provided you have music. At
home it's much better.

10) Yoga class. Good -- just wish they had more hours
of it at gym.

11) Yoga at home. Good, but I'm not as consistent with it so
for me to be consistent it has to be a class setting.

12) Aerobics @ gym. Nightmare!
I'm very uncoordinated and the music selection is too loud and too horrible.

Aerobics @ home with a friend. Comedy and hysterically fun, but not much exercise.

14) Aerobics/Tae Bo at home -- ok, but dull after so many repetitions.

Bowling. Fun, but I don't feel like my lower body gets much work.

16) Archery/Slingshot.
Fun, but I don't feel like my lower body gets much work.

17) Weight Training
@ Gym. Good. I always enjoyed it and it was always pretty quiet and not busy when
I went but not consistent.

18) Weight Training at home. Good. Still enjoy it
but have the same Inconsistency problem I had at gym.

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