Tuesday, February 25, 2003

  • What: water aerobics

  • Time: 1 hour

Three new people at water aerobics and then one lady I remember from summer. So class is growing again, and while that's nice, it means our workouts are not going to be as challenging because Claudia has to take time out to explain things to the newbies. Really that doesn't bother me too much -- WA for me is play more than anything else. I'm not training for water aerobics competitions or anything. And we've all been newbies.

Holly is excited because she's got a new bathing suit she likes a lot and in a smaller size than before. I'm excited for her -- it's always so nice to see progress -- even other people's. I gave her my old 5 lb weights I never use any more and she's trading me her extra hair dryer that she never uses. I'm growing my hair out and I 'm starting to need a hair dryer again. Paul says he's going to grow his out too.

I don't know what is the matter with Paul. He's turned into a big galoot. Or mabe I'm more sensitive? Whichever it is, I've receiving a lot of punches, bruises, smashings and clonkings. All he's trying to do is tickle, kiss or hug me but we end up colliding more than we end up playing snugglebunnies. I think it is him. I know it's him. I'm clumsy but I don't end up beating him up whenever I try to kiss him. It's like he's all arms and legs now and if you've seen Paul, you KNOW he didn't need more of that!

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