Wednesday, February 26, 2003

I'm dizzy. AGAIN. I have this pinched feeling around my sinus and I feel light headed. I told Paul maybe I should go pick up a few HPT's and even though I don't think I'm pregnant... check anyway. God. I kick myself for rescheduling my Tues. doc appt. But what could I do? I have no car right now -- it's getting fixed. I had to reschedule. Blah. Someone tell me why I feel so strange?! Just 2 weeks to wait to see my docs. Nnnnnrrrrgh. Two weeks normally whizzes by so fast... it just can't come fast enough this time.

Decided to swap my day off friday with today since I feel so strange. I did however get a jump on the lawn and for curiosity more than anything else, wore my sportbrain. So I traveled a mile pushing that mower and scattering that fertilizer. That much less to do this weekend when we work on the back and front yards. I want something pretty and red -- will go nicely with the yellow tabebuia.

Looking at butterfly garden plans too:

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