Thursday, February 13, 2003

  • What: Water aerobics

  • Time: 60 min

Had a good class today and I remembered to put the John Frieda "Life Preserver" oil in my hair to help block out the chlorine. Felt better afterward without that crunchy hair feeling. Claudia introduce two new kicking routines and let me tell ya... def. felt it in my legs afterwards.
I have to remember not to wear the color-block bathing suit and stick to the racer back one. Apart from the excessive boob bouncing it digs in the crotch and annoys me. So now I have had one bathing suit destroyed by chlorine, one that has shrunk in the wash, one racer back that is holding up and then the new one from a few weeks ago that I've yet to wear to water aerobics class because I worry the straps are too thin.

I have to try it this weekend and see how it is jiggle-wise and then decide if I want to get another racer back now or wait until I finish PALA as a treat.

Holly came and got me before class and drove us back so I treated her to chinese. Paul has my car while his is being fixed. Steered clear of fried stuff and had green beans with shredded beef over steamed rice. Such a nice little take-out place. Too bad they do not deliver.

The best part of my day was the mail. My Presidential Sports Award in the "Fit Start" category got here with a certificate from the president and a letter from the program director. Yay! So one down, 3 to go for the year.

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