Sunday, December 21, 2003

Yesterday blood glucose were all under 120 except lunch -- we ate out at a Chinese restaurant that does not have a website so I had to eyeball my portions rather than figuring it out from nutrition info. It was 130 something so not way over, but still... handier if I have the nutrition info. My eyeballing skills are not quite up to snuff yet. I think the turnips or noodles put me a over -- too much starch.

We popped in at Walmart so I could get red crochet thread, then off to Sam's Club to get Paul his spouse card and stock up on a few things. Then we went to my mom's house where we played Pictionary, had dinner, and then watched A Christmas Story. I got most of the red trim done on the cars and trucks baby blanket and finished it up watchign South Park once we got home.

I'm trying to get Paul up and about so we can shower, lunch, and then see about going to visit Mawmaw in the hospital. I'd rather go early and come home early than go late and be coming home late.

Ok, he's up and he's going to call to get directions to the hospital Mawmaw is at. I'm glad we're going to see her -- I hope it cheers her up.

What I'm not excited about is grabbing a drive-thru crap lunch from Mcdonald's. I'd rather have something else but it's the only thing we can have that's close to the on ramp to the interstate and I know Paul doesn't want to go way out of the way. They're building a Subway on the other street so I'll be glad once that is done. In the meanwhile, I'm stuck with stinky McD's.

After checking their website, that actually has nutrition info AND diabetes exchange suggestions (hear that Chili's?! Even crap McD's has this info posted!) I'm having a quarter pounder no cheese, a side salad, and 1% milk. I've already had 6 oz low-sodium V8 to make up my missing vegetable exchange and my prenatal vitamin. It's going to break down to a total of 580 calories made up of 43% carbs, 23% protein, and 34% fat. I'm amazed I managed it so the fat wasn't a lot worse.

I need to find a diabetes eating out chart thingie for popular restaurants. With all these holiday gatherings and all the eating out we still are going to be doing, it would be easier if I already knew what to order where ahead of time.

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