Wednesday, December 10, 2003

I got a sewing machine! I can't wait for it to arrive. I'm planning on getting flannel to hem up as the frist sewing project. How hard can 4 straight lines be? Then I can go around in thread crochet and have more receiving blankets.

OB appt. this morning for a non-stress test. I asked Paul if he wanted to go to hospital today for pre-admission and he said we'll do after my OB appt next week. He'd forgotten to tell people at work about this week's appt. so he doesn't want to be gone too long and have them wondering what happened to him. That's fine. I just wanted to know what is on my agenda for today.

With 8 weeks to go, I'm looking at a very busy calendar. Apart from weekly OB appts?

This weekend we do his company dinner friday and Mawmaw's b-day with his family. We finish Xmas shopping the next day but I have to call my parents to wish them a happy anniv. and Dad a happy birthday. Then GD class monday and meeting the doula sometime during the week.

The next weekend over is when we will celebrate the anniv/bday things so Karen will be home from college. We're going to see an ice show. If I'm very lucky, I'll have finished test driving things the week and I'll also be buying my car that weekend.

A few days later, Xmas with my parents either on Xmas Eve or Xmas day. The other day we get to our ourselves. Then on the weekend, Xmas with the in-laws since this year we're going to wait a few days more so nephew is home from the military.

The weekend after that is my baby shower with the family.

The weekend after that is my sister's birthday and we go get our goodie bags from the Disney marathon. Whether we pass our numbers along unofficially to friends or not is up in the air but I do want to go watch and collect the goodies I've paid for. (Registration does not get refunded if you cannot race.)

The weekend after that, baby might come early. You know how they say any time 2 weeks ahead or 2 weeks behind your due date? That's the 2 weeks ahead weekend!
So I'm leaving everything from that point on open.

Some where in there I have to fit another doula meeting, and then baby care class, breastfeeding class, and parent's class if Paul wants to attend. These are supplemental classes included in the whole Lamaze thing. We don't have to attend, but they are free if we do since we completed Lamaze already. What I wanted to do was baby first aid and a prenatal massage somewhere in there as well. The problem is when!?

In a way I'm glad there's stuff going on to distract me. I'd be obsessing about the final waiting otherwise.

[2:15 PM]

Finally home. My appt with Dr. G. was at 9:45 and it was for a non-stress test.
He wasn't happy with a "dip" he saw on the chart. I never got to see the chart
and I asked if it was from my wriggling around during the test -- it was on a very
uncomfortable metal table. He kind of nodded and kept on talking and said he'd prefer
I get and ultrasound to check on baby and since his u/s tech wasn't coming til 11, to head
to triage at the hospital to have it done there. He'd call ahead to let them know we were coming.
He also was going to turn my case over to the high-risk pregnancy specialist. Then he stressed the importance
of me sticking to the GD diet.

This part irked me more than him not answering me about whether me wriggling affects the
NST data or referring my case on to a specialist.

Because when I first met him and told him I had PCOS/IR I had asked if I should
just do the GD diet from the get go even though at that point I hadn't been dx'd with GD.
Me thinking it could hurt if I didn't have it and I'd be ahead of the game if I did.

He had told me at the time that they'd check with GTT's later on and we'd deal with it then
when it showed up. Fine. But now that it has showed up, just don't be nagging me about a diet
when I don't even have diabetes class until next Monday! I only just got my dx and Accucheck machine last week for pete's sake! And even without benefit of a class, I'm keeping my sugars reasonably within range. So thpppt! :P

Off we go to triage...

I think Paul was a bit more anxious than me. Unless somebody tells me it is time to freak out, I refuse to freak out. He told me in the elevator he had visions of me delivering right then and there. Poor guy. He's getting upset over whether something is seriously wrong and I'm getting annoyed because my breakfast is wearing off and can't eat anything.

Peed, blood pressured, temperatured, filled forms, and then a nurse hooks me up to another NST machine. And again I try to ask about whether or not my wriggling around affects the results and while I don't think she really absorbed my question well either at least I got more pillow wedges than the 1st time with it. I even got a blanket.

I wasn't on it for very long when they took it off again because the on-call doc came with her student docs. I got asked a bunch of questions while the student doc did an ultrasound. Baby measures fine,
everything looks fine. Cervix checked -- everything closed and happy.

Since they took off all the NST belts so they could do the belly u/s I had to get hooked up again to the NST so they could get a nice long strip. The third time I insisted somebody go get me a wedge for my side, belly, AND back because they wanted me to sit still for 30 min. And guess what? Now that I was comfortable and didn't have to keep shifting to keep bits of me from hurting or falling asleep, my results were a lot more stable. Duh!

When the doc came back to tell us my chart was beautiful and baby was great, Paul asked her if maternal movement could
affect a chart and she looked surprised and said yes.

So I got sent home and I see the new OB next week.

I'm not mad, and I think Dr. G. did the right thing in sending me to triage to get checked out more carefully
if he thought something was wrong with my NST chart. He also did the right thing in referring my case to a high-risk speciliast
if he was starting to feel that my case was getting beyond his scope. I still like him very much.

But it drives me crazy when I want something answered and it takes me forever to get a response!

I told Paul if the new OB wants me to do another NST test I'm not going to let the attending person leave me until I have
enough pillows to lay comfortably on. While I'm glad in the end there was nothing wrong, if someone had just
took the extra minute or two to make sure I was comfortable the first time we could have saved ourselves several hours of running around. How can you expect a very pregnant person to be happy laying on a metal table or gurney with no cushioning?! Sheesh. I've got 5 pillows on my bed!

On the bright side, we got the preadmission stuff done today while we were there... one less thing be doing now. And we got to see the hospital and meet some staff -- we're still happy with our hospital choice.

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