Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Ugh. Just cleaned out my car and I'm wiped. Bending down so much and trying to get things out from under the seats was rough going. Luckily there was practically nothing in the trunk -- a gallon of water, a few magazines, some grocery bags. I left the water alone and took out the bags and mags and I saw my old black canvas shoes that I keep in the car in case I need another pair of shoes for some reason when we go to the beach. I left those where they were -- stuck in the fold between the trunk space and the back seats because I couldn't deal with pulling them out from the trunk side nor folding my seats down to get them from the other side. I need to just sit down and rest.

Later today I have to tackle the filing and that's more groveling around on the floor. Ugh! :P

I spent a nice morning wrapping holiday packages and getting things ready for the mail. Tomorrow I'm going to look at more cars, and hopefully this weekend we'll buy one.

This afternoon we go see the new OB so I'll write about that when I get back home. Yesterday afternoon I had my GD class. It was with 3 other pregnant women and taught by a dietitian and a diabetes educator. The first part I could have missed -- it was passing out monitors and learning how to do the finger pricks and so on. I already got that talk from Mary at Dr. H's. And I like my Accu-Chek Advantage Kit over the Accu-Chek Compact Kits they handed out. I'm not wild about the drum-style test strips or the shape of the meter. Mine is more like a PDA and not so chunky.

We saw a movie thing explaining what GD is and then the dietitian came along to teach us nutrition things like portion sizes, label reading, diabetic exchanges, etc. Then we got our meal plans. Mine is for 2600 calories and I felt that was sheer madness -- I asked her if she took my hypothyroid into account. She said to give it a shot for a week or two and if it gave me problems or if I was gaining too much, then to call her and she'd adjust it.

I've got 3 meals and 3 snacks broken into exchanges but thankfully on the side she has it in percentages too -- 43% carbs, 23% protein, 33% fat. I can't deal with exchanges. The math is sooo much saner to me in percentages.

So now I have to map out food for the rest of the week and go to the grocery.

I'm still worried about Paul -- he's looking pretty haggard and very tired. Mawmaw is still in hospital and things for her are not looking good. Her blood pressure is still too high and she's got a broken shoulder.

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