Friday, December 19, 2003

Yay! Car guy is hear to stick my lojack on.

Meanwhile I was crusing the Chili's website. So annoying... I don't see why all restaurants don't just POST their nutrition information online and make life easier. We KNOW eating out is loaded with calories. We aren't stupid. And do they really think it would hurt sales THAT badly to just make the info public? Jeez. Anyone who is worried about it from a weight loss standpoint already knows, and people who don't care, still won't care. All they do is make life hellish for the people who have to track nutrition crap (high cholesterol people, diabetic people, allergy people, etc.)

I had to call Chili's 1-800 number to get calories, fat, carbs, and protein for their Old Timer burger. They won't give you anything else, but at least I got that much. If you were wondering, It's about 793 cal. for the burger. Then 45 g fat, 52 g carb, and 45 g protein. I usually skip the fries and have a naked corn on the cob instead.
I asked the guy to give the values for cheese so I could substract it from the burger because I never get it with cheese.

At least now I can plan my lunch to accomodate dinner out... blood glucose readings for today are great so far so hopefully Chili's tonight to meet our doula won't wreck it.

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