Monday, December 22, 2003

Saw Mawmaw and she's doing better than I thought. Paul got a bit of a ashock seeing her when we first went in because she was asleep and looked like death not even warmed over. I've seen my own grandparents in hospital so I knew what to expect but since he's never had that experience it rocked his boat. We let her sleep and went to wait in the lobby for my MIL so we wouldn't be disturbing Mawmaw so many times. When we went up with Mom she was awake and looking better. Her shoulder surgery seems to have gone ok. After hospital she'll have to stay in a nursing home for a while though.

We took Mom out to dinner to chat and one of the many things we talked about was Paul's teenage cousin being 6 weeks pregnant. Shocker for us both esp. since after her older sister went through that whole teen pregnancy thing you'd think it serve as warning enough to be sensible and not put herself in the same situation.

OB appt. tomorrow and then I'm off for the holidays. I still have cards and things to do but they can wait until New Year. I'm pooped out.

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