Monday, December 15, 2003

Had a nice weekend.

Friday I called Dad to see how he was and he told me to come along to get his medical records from the hospital. So we did that, did a little shopping, went to lunch and then went to test drive a Honda Accord. That night was Paul's company dinner. It was at the Park Plaza Garden. I'd thought about having my wedding reception there years ago but didn't because it was too big a space for my needs. The food was great, and it was nice to visit with Paul's coworkers.

Saturday we did nothing most of the day and then went to SuperTarget to finish the last of the Xmas shopping. Now I have to finish writing my holiday cards and I can do a mail run and get all the things that need mailing out.

Today we were going to go see Mawmaw for her birthday but Paul's mom canceled her birthday party because they had to go to the emergency room. Mawmaw had another high blood pressure episode and took a fall because she got all faint or something. She's stable.

It rained all day and when it let up we popped over to my parents' house to visit and to give Dad his birthday present (Home Depot gift card) and both parents anniversary gifts. (hair dryer for mom and bed tray for Dad.) Dad was thrillllled with the tray. Mom had hinted that he'd always wanted one and apparantly he did. Now he's trying to get us all to make him breakfast in bed. I promised that if Karen or Mom didn't make him one soon, I'd make him brunch. I can't make him breakfast -- he gets up too dang early for me!

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