Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Paul's gone into work for half the day and then later we're going to my parents to do Xmas Eve dinner and watch some movies.

Feel sooo much better after a shower. I was so wiped out from yesterday that after I got dinner together I crashed out and didn't want to take a bath with Paul or move or anything. I slept right through the alarm to take my after dinner blood glucose. Didn't wake til 10 AM this morning. Oops!

I was having a good time cruising through and then a quilt gallery. So much eye candy! I'm a bit grumpy because I want to get on with teaching myself to sew and even though they promised to ship my sewing machine by Xmas, here it is Xmas Eve and nary a sight of it. Pooh! :P

So instead of playing sewing machine like I'd hoped I'd be doing over Xmas, I did two more letters of my "get it done before New Year's" stash of people to write. I looove writing on new stationary. It's def. one of the perks of the holiday.

I can feel baby moving around inside me -- not as much on the kicking and punching front -- maybe she's running out of space for that? But there's rolly, stretchy, swimmy feelings.

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