Thursday, December 04, 2003

Thanks for all the e-mails and comments, everyone! Didn't mean to disappear on you but Paul's office move meant our ISDN line to his office was down for a bit and then he decided since it was going to be down anyway to change to DSL.
We're sort of back.. at least on one of the home machines. Paul's working on getting the rest of our little network happy behind the firewall and cooperating with our new DSL line. So a longer update...

Thanksgiving and Paul's birthday were nice. We went with my parents to my MIL's and got to see the family for a bit. Mom B. was worried I was upset with her or something later but I explained I wasn't upset -- I'm just tired and very pregnant. Baby has become even more active (how could that be possible?!) and I'm feeling it. Donna was also feeling uber-pregnant and we probably looked funny flopped on the sofa together. I'd gotten used to the crazy kicking and then baby goes and surprises me again. It's really weird to be sitting down, minding my own business and have my boob flop up because baby has kicked my stomach THAT hard. Sometimes I watch my stomach and see body parts stretching my skin out with punches. Very cool.

Mawmaw is back from hospital after going in for observation beause she had super high blood pressure over Thanksgiving. They think it was a reaction to her meds so they've changed it, and she's doing better. My own grandmother is thinking of coming down to visit and meet the new baby so Mom is trying to get a room ready for her mom. Paul has never met any of my mother's realtives so meeting Popo will be interesting for him.

I get my car back tomorrow so that ought to help some -- doing some errands during the week rather than piling it all on at once on the weekends when Paul is home and can help or going with my parents to do things. My parents have been very good about taking me to my doc appts and helping out -- it's just that Dad drives a bit too jerky for me right now and riding around with him when he takes sharp corners makes me want to puke. He's trying to remember I'm pregnant and can't take the motion like that. And now I can car shop in earnest since I can drive over to car dealerships and check out new models at my own speed.

Anyway... a lot of endoc appts (4) and OB appts (2) over the last two weeks. I can't even remember the first OB appt... it was routine.

Dr. H (endoc) got the last A1C's from Dr. G. (OB) and wasn't happy with them being high normal, but my thyroid is doing fine. So he made me come back for another GTT but promised I could eat food instead of drinking more foul glucola.

So I went back again and did a 3 hr test were they took 4 blood draws. Basically just like the previous 3 HR GTT only I got to eat Nature Valley Banana Nut bars and I didn't throw them up. Hooray! I did get a little faint near the end and they let me lay down and brought my mother to me to keep me company. To come in fasting and get nothing but 2 granolas and then wait for 3 hours more before having lunch -- ugh. I was getting quite grumpy, hungry, and light-headed.

They called me that afternoon to tell me my results were over and that I had to come in again Monday to see Mary, the diabetic educator to pick up an Accucheck machine and learn to use it. So I go over there again for the third time, get taught to use the little machine and make another appt. for Thursday to see Dr. J. and show her how my blood sugars are. Stabbing my fingers with a lancet pen thingie 4 times a day isn't my idea of thrills but it's not too bad.

Wed. I saw Terri, the midwife, for my 2nd OB appt. My iron is 11.6 (last time was 11.7) so I'm escaping extra iron supplements so far. My weight gain was fine, my blood pressure stable. Baby's heartbeat was 147 bpm and really LOUD on the doppler. Even Terri commented and how strong it sounded.

She took down copies of my blood sugar chart, gave me a gestational diabetes diet, and gave me the number for diabetes nutrition class. She was happy with the numbers since they're all under 140. And the OB moved me to once-a-week visits a bit early and I get a non-stress test next week and an extra ultrasound the week after that. Like the endoc. they've decided it's better to just play it on the safe side and watch me more closely.

Today I saw Dr. J. (other endoc. since Dr. H. was booked up) and she took copies of my blood sugar chart, and she wants my numbers under 120. Apparantly they go with a different standard. She thinks between diet and exercise it should be under control because I'm not sooo far over 120.

My fastings are 70-80 where they want under 100. For my post-meal numbers I'm 100-138. The 138 came from too much juice in one sitting -- I'm starting to figure out how much of what I can have. But it is going to feel really stupid to put back a whole bottle of juice when there is only 3 or 4 oz left in it.

I have to call her in 2 weeks and report my numbers again and if they are not stable looking she's going to send me to a dietitian. She explained that my test results AFTER eating were ok but my fasting that day was off so they're just going to be safe and monitor me anyway for the last 2 mos of this pregnancy. I asked her to find out if Glucophage affects breastfeeding or not. Because I think I'd feel best going back on it when I'm allowed to. (PCOS/IR -- I don't think you ever get "cured" -- you just learn to deal with it. But neither do I want type II diabetes later.)

I got a call from the hospital regarding the diabetes nutrition class and if my insurance does not cover it, it will be $300 for the 1 day class. Personally, I'd rather go see Karen, my old dietitian, and fork over the $45 it costs me to see her instead. Who wouldn't prefer one-on-one to a group setting? Speaking of class...

This weekend is our Lamaze class -- it will be an interesting experience with Paul. The midwife told us to take lots of notes over things we had questions about and as the weeks go on we can start talking about how I want to birth the baby and how the hospital does things vs. how their practice does things. I measured 31 inches at 31 weeks pregnant for fundal height so nobody is getting excited about baby being too big or anything. I've been gaining 1 lb a week or so in third trimester so that looks fine too. So hopefully all this extra attention will wind up being just that -- extra attention but nothing distressing coming out of it.

I called my doula so we can hopefully meet some time soon now that Thanksgiving is over.

I got the out of town kids Xmas shopping done, so now I have to finish with my out of towners and mail things off.

Paul told me his brother e-mailed that it looks like they are having another little girl by their ultrasound. Not 100% sure, but it's looking like a girl.

I washed all the 0-3 mos clothes and stuck them in the dresser. I'll deal with the 3-6 mos. later. Even though cotton does shrink a bit when first washed, all my favorite little clothes are 100% cotton because they are sooo soft.

Paul brought home a little dress and socks that his boss gave him. Larry had gotten it from Chad, a co-worker who left ages ago, for his then newborn daughter and stuck it in his desk and forgot about it. It's not til now that they've moved to the new building and are changing all the furniture that he found it again. Of course, his baby has gotten too big to wear 3-6 mos -- she's over a year and a half old now. Deborah is having a boy so she told Larry to put it on Paul's desk and Paul told me it was weird to walk in to work and find a little pink dress on his keyboard.

Paul put all the things together that needed to be put together -- rocker, co-sleeper, swing, stroller, etc. The living room has exploded into a baby circus.

I've been playing with thread crochet lately to relax. So far I've edged 2 flannel receiving blankets and I'm almost done with the third. I think they look prettier than leaving the edges as plain seams. My mother made two for baby that way and when I was sorting baby things to wash I realized I should just go ahead and trim some myself. Mom told me coming back from the endoc. this morning that now that she knows "Cletus" is a girl, she's going to watch for fabric sales in cute prints and start doing little outfits and dress-up clothes.

So things here are a whirlwind of various activities!

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