Sunday, December 28, 2003

Morning sickness is back for sure. I thought it was earlier this week but today -- whoa.
I spent most of today sleeping it off. My one productive thing? 3 bills, 9 personal correspondence, and then MAYBE 2 packages if I can find boxes in the closet later tonight. I may have wiped out my empty box stash... I'm just not sure.

Paul cleaned up the turtles and did some stuff in the yard. He also slept a lot.

We're both pooped from Xmas at my MIL's yesterday. It was fun seeing everyone but the drive there and back takes it out of us.

Whit renewed our subscription to Paul's hometown newspaper. Even though he no longer lives there he enjoys reading it over the year. I find it amusing as well.

Paul got Scooby slippers from his mom and a dinosaur toy. I got slipper socks and a yoga ball. From our "Secret Santa" people, Paul got a 1 acre of lunar property deed from Jessica. That was very clever of her -- Paul and his brother both like space stuff. I got an "Expectant Angel" ornament from Miranda. It will be a nice memento of my first pregnant Xmas. It was fun finding out who had drawn our names... I hope the people we drew for names enjoyed their gifts too.

Baby got some surprise gifts -- a dressy outfit from Angie's little family, and then a overalls/shirt outfit from Greg's little family. Mom B. gave her a bunny toy that recites bedtime prayers when you squish it.

Angie baked like crazy and gave everyone dozens of delicious cookies like she does every year -- that's always something to look forward to. But I have to hide these cookies in the freezer or else I am going to RUIN my blood sugars for the next week!

The kids got oodles of things from everyone and it was a blast watching them enjoy their presents.

I kind of enjoyed having a lower key Xmas with less stuff and more family. I also enjoyed it being postponed a few days so we had a 2 day break between one family and the other side. Paul's siblings agreed.

For New Year I think we're going to stay home and watch movies.

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