Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Updated Fuzzycraft with some of the crochet stuff I'd been doing. I have to take more pix of other things but for now I jsut posted about the balnket edging I've been doing in thread croceht. Mom found a green ball of thread crochet thread that Karen had so I'm going to trim some other blankets in green but I really want to do the car one in red so I still have to go get that color. Mom also has this funky orange color but I don't have any blankets that would go with an orange trim so I passed on that one for now.

We got a surprise box from our niece today and guess what was in it? A huge pile of baby clothes her daughter has outgrown from 0-12 mos! I was so thrilled! It was really a sweet gesture. Baby def. does not need any more clothing for a long while to come... I updated my baby shower wishlist so clothes were at the BOTTOM of the list and only in sizes bigger than 12 mos. There are other things we need more than clothes at this point.

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