Friday, December 19, 2003

Feel a bit better today. Slept a lot yesterday and Paul gave me a small back rub. As soon as Xmas is over and things are open for business I'm getting a professional massage. I soooo need one!

Today I have to wait for the lojack guy to come and stick it into my car. Then I have to find the old car's repair papers and stuff to give to my dad so he quits bugging me. Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't have been easier to just trade it in rather than give it to Dad. Sigh.

Later today Mawmaw has her shoulder surgery. My MIL will call around 3 or 4 PM to let us know how it went. And we go meet our doula for dinner in the evening.

Last night I was watching old South Park cartoons and finished two more baby blanket trims. I'm giving them to Kimberly, my niece-to-be, for Xmas. My SIL Donna is about a trimester behind me and since I was doing a bunch for myself, I thought it would be nice to do two extras for their new baby.

Reader Amy asks how to punch the fabric while doing crochet trim -- basically you use a fine thread crochet hook (ex: a 10) and just stab it through the cloth. The finer the hook, the easier it is to punch it into the cloth and the smaller the resulting hole. Once you go around with a foundation row, you can change to a bigger size hook for the decorative part. I go with a 7 for that. Sometimes you have to punch through a tag or a particularly thick seam corner... for those I use a chunky upholstery needle. It is not threaded -- I just poke the needle through the layers a few times to get a prelimary hole going and then I try it with the #10 crochet hook. Sort of like a pilot hole when you are drilling wood.

I updated all the craft blog pix just now to show more trims and an afghan.

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