Friday, December 26, 2003

I keep wanting to go to Christmas mass and find a church we like. We talked about it but decided to wait until after baby before we start looking around. So no mass for us this year.

What I did for Christmas? I slept. A LOT. Then I watched cartoons with Paul and trimmed a blanket while he added 3 more rows to his crochet afghan. I've got one more flannel receiving blanket for myself that I had started in pink trim but then ran out of pink. So I have to rip it all out and do it again in green instead. I took a shower. I ate. I read a book. Slept some more.

I feel soooo much saner and better rested.

Having 2 days between family Christmas celebrations is sooo nice. Greg called last night to see if Paul wanted to go fishing today but he declined because we're shopping today but from what I gather they enjoyed having Christmas day alone to themselves. Greg put together the new trampoline for the girls. I guess they figured since they obsess over ours every time they are over here that they'd get them a "bouncybouncy" of their own.

Today we're off to shop for many things -- microwave. glider. crib, screws, and a charger thing for the cordless drill. I hope the sewing machine arrives today. Because I'm also going to shop for cheap play fabric. Once it gets here I'm going to want to mess with it and it will drive me crazy not to have anything to practice on.

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