Friday, December 26, 2003

E-mail from Shawn. That was nice -- haven't heard from him in yonks. Nacny called earlier this week too.

Today we went out to do piddly errands. Bank first. Then lunch out. (122 blood sugar, go me! I think if I'd had milk rather than lemonade I would have squeaked it in under 120... but I'm getting better at this eating out thing.) Useless trip to Circuit City -- we keep forgetting they never have home appliances like they used to ears ago. Babies 'R Us to order the crib (will call me in 2 weeks for pick up when it arrives) and check gliders (hate them all). Then JoAnn's for quilt fabric for when my sewing machine arrives. Home Depot for screws, a saw, wood, and other tidbits Paul needed. Then Sam's Club for new microwave and odds and ends. Then home to call the sewing machine people and ask them why my guaranteed before Xmas delivery is not here. Called my SIL who wants a baby photo of me for some baby shower project. Called my mother to tell her about the crib/glider hunt and need to borrow baby album for a bit. I have to go get the mail and then I'm going to put my feet up, drink water, and read trashy novels. Whee.

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