Saturday, December 06, 2003

Up early because I got hungry. My late snack and dinner got all screwy because we were at the hospital. Just loaded the dishwasher and got laundry going... I have to kill 2 hours before I can do a blood sugar check. I probably won't get to sleep again until we get home from class and seeing Dad at the hospital. I'm a bit worried about Paul -- he looks tired and this weekend is already so full. If I could move Lamaze over to another weekend I would. December is always such a crazy month and today will be a loooong day!

So last night at the hospital... Mom told me over the phone that at first Dad wanted only Mom and Paul to come because he thought I'd get agitated and that would be bad for me because I was pregnant. I told her not to be silly -- I don't get upset easily and besides, by that point we already knew Dad was in decent shape and not in dire circumstances. So after she hung up she saw Dad off in the helicopter from the one hospital and then came by to get us in the van and made Paul drive the rest of the way to the other hospital.

By the time we got to the hospital they transferred him to, everything that needed to be done had been done. He got checked out, they located the block, put a stent in, and he was recovering. He didn't have any other blocks or thinning passages. We got to see pictures of his block -- it was 100% closed! Now it's open and hopefully the stent will work out. They are going to keep him for 3 days for observation to be on the safe side but his attendant and doctor told us that because they caught it well within the 6 hr window he doesn't think that any of Dad's heart tissue died and at most there may be some slight scarring. He got a 98-99% chance of recovering from this episode without further complications so we were all glad.

Mom's going to spend the day with him and we'll pop in after Lamaze later today. We talked to him for a while and he seemed to be groggy, in decent spirits, but annoyed with how dry his mouth felt. He didn't want any of his water and smack in the middle of a conversation he stuck his tongue out at us and started feeling it with his hands like he was trying to stretch it out so he could look at it. He looked so weird trying to look at his own tongue we all busted up laughing.

As we were leaving Dad called Paul back and when he came out I asked him what was all about. Paul started to laugh and told me Dad called him back to tell him to make sure to wear a hat because it was cold outside.

People in recovery get so weird as they come out of it and start to come back into themselves. Paul never let's me forget how I told my nurse I could see her brains through her nostrils when she leaned over to check on me post-endoscopy a few years ago.

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