Tuesday, December 23, 2003

I have a 9:15 appt. It takes 20 min max to get to the OB. My father calls me at 7 AM to tell me he's coming to get me. Argh. I don't know why he treats appointments like going to the airport. You just don't HAVE to be there 2 hrs ahead of time. It's not even going to be open yet! But just as the pros to letting my parents take me to appts. are that Paul doesn't miss work and I don't have to drive, the con is that they go to everything horrifically early.


Tired. Feet stink. I did fine with my blood glucose other than restaurant eating so I can keep on diet alone and no insulin. Yay! NST test also went fine.

[later still]

Feel better after nap and snack. So my day...

The OB appt. took a long while. This office is just so much more crowded than Dr. G.'s office. I guess that's what happens when you go from a 2 person practice to a huge one. I'm not really happy about their office being so packed, but the staff I've met so far are nice so it's kind of a "live with it" thing for me. The head of the office is also the head of my hospital's high risk team, so that's why I'm there.

I am really happy not to be put on insulin -- I plan to work extra hard to get my restaurant eating over the holidays in better control. If that means I have to be carrying measuring cups to restaurants so be it. I was telling Paul last night that I feel sorry for anyone coming to nutrition juggling smack in the middle of the holiday season.

I've seen dietitians before and because of the PCOS/IR I already had to be watching nutrition stats and doing nutiriton math changing calories to grams and back again ages ago. Granted all the values I've memorized are for a more lenient diet breakdown so I'm having to readjsut my thinking to my new guidelines but it's not like I'm brand spanking new at this. I had a week to prove I could handle it and skip meds I did.

But I keep wondering if the ladies in my GD nutrition class did ok one week later at their OB appts or if they've had to be put on meds? I can't imagine anything more frustrating to have to do with baby's health hanging over your head like that.

Anyway, I have to have NST's 2 times a week now just to see how baby is. I had that done across the street at the hospital because they were so crowded at the office. I got enough pillow wedges this time and it went fine. I had my belly buzzed with a loud buzzing noise maker to make baby wake up and kick around and she cooperated and then she was allowed to go back to sleep. That was new. I got to keep the belts since I'll be coming in so much for NSTs.

Nothing in my pee, blood pressure fine, no weight change since last week, which is fine.

We went to lunch and then we went to Dad's appointment at the VA clinic. He liked his new doctor better than the old one but he's getting persnickety about taking his meds appropriately and Mom is getting grumpy with him over it. Dad's got a hospital/doctor/medication phobia so he's not the world's most cooperative patient at times and he thinks he can skip meds.

Then to the pharmacy and to get some groceries, then back home for me to await the UPS guy. I didn't think it would come in time but my sister's gift just made it!

Paul came home with his Xmas bonus so we're happy about that and he told me his coworker's kid's liked the little gifts we gave them. He told me 3 yr old Evan was so excited about the Cool Cardboard Intruments book he was roaming the office dragging out empty boxes all set to make one right then and there!

Paul's sister left a garbled message on our machine and I just got a hold of my MIL. She's at the emergency room -- Mawmaw is back in hospital. So she was only released for one day. Things are not looking well. Her blood pressure is now too low, she's developed a urinary tract infection, pneumonia, fluid in her lungs, and has not woken all day. They are about to do a CAT scan on her head but to me it sounds like a coma if she's been so unresponsive. I'm glad we went to see her on Sunday and we could talk with her a bit even if she was disoriented but to be honest I will be really, really surprised if she makes it to New Year's. :(

I told my MIL to please call us if she wanted Paul to be there with her. She said that was ok and he really ought to be with me and I told her that if she needed him to be there to please not hesitate. I couldn't come down for obvious reasons but I'd already spoken to my parents about Mawmaw so Paul would just drop me off there on the way down. And I'd be there in thought. Paul's sister was flying out to her in-laws tonight and I don't know if she went after all or not. If need be Paul and his brother could be there pretty quickly and leave their respective pregnant wives home.

So. December continues to be a pretty wacko kind of month.

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