Tuesday, December 30, 2003

So the OB...

It was a long wait (again) and the receptionist just cannot schedule my future appointments properly. I don't know what the matter with her is. Grr.

But the OB I met today, Dr. K. was very nice. She's 24 weeks along herself and to make up for the long wait, she let me off having to go to triage for the NST for today by doing a check with a quick ultrasound in her office instead.

Baby was busy "practicing" her breathing so all is well. Heartbeat was 160 something.

I'm up 4 lbs this week though instead of my usual 1/2 lb. It's the swelling. She told me to try to drink more water to help flush it away, rest and put my feet up, and that other than that there wasn't anything else she could suggest because there is nothing wrong with me. Swelling is pretty normal at the end of pregnancy.

She'd asked if I was sleeping ok with baby squiggling around and I said I was a bit tired so she asked if I wanted some kind of antihistamine to make baby and I drowsy so I could sleep at night and I declined. If I don't really need it, I really don't want to add another prescription to my pharmacopoeia. No, I'm not happy when baby starts bopping around smack in the middle of the night but I can catch shut-eye later on in the day when she chills out. Paul told me the other night he could feel her whacking his back!

Came home to find a pleasant surprise -- my sewing machine has shipped and is en route! Booyah! :)

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