Friday, December 05, 2003

Weird day. Went to get my car, which runs, but still feels weird to me so I need to get on with new car shopping ASAP. I don't want to put another repair on my '95 Cavalier. While over there Istarted having crampy Braxton Hicks that would NOT let up. So when I got home I called the OB and they said to drink water, lay down on my left side and to call back if there were more than 6 in an hour. It went on intermittently all morning but eventually tapered off and never got to 6 in an hour. But I decided to go hang out at my parents' house for company in case it started up again. It really hurts my bellybutton when those happen. :P Dad came to get me and I had lunch with them, watched a movie and crocheted my blanket.

Paul came home early from work because he felt sick and collected me at Mom's around 4:30. I was taking a nap at home when Mom calls at 7 to tell me Dad's fainted and has been taken off by 911 and she's going to follow them in their car. She's called several times as she gets more news and it turns out Dad had a heart attack and they are taking him by helicopter to a different hospital that has more heart/cardiology stuff. She says he's doing fine and is very calm and she sounds fine but we're going to go with her to see Dad get settled for the night. They are keeping him for observation.

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