Monday, October 27, 2003

We saw my parents yesterday for a short visit. Both were startled at how I looked since the last time they saw me. Mom told me I looked like I was carrying high and to start walking more to help get him down but then since it was a first pregnancy she wasn't surprised. Dad wanted to know if my pants weren't too tight -- he didn't realize I was wearing maternity jeans with a full panel. I happen to like that pair quite a bit because other than the panel being poochy, it's a slim cut through the legs. Mom hemmed my other pants (khaki) while we all chatted -- we're going to the movies with them next weekend.

Paul is nesting more than me! He went beserk when we got home and cleaned the office floor and closets and got 4 bags for trash and 3 bags for goodwill ready.

I feel kind of gross today -- sore throat, still sneezing a lot. Cletus-the-fetus is rolling around doing things but I just feel sickie.

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