Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Had to go get a "new baby" card for my new nephew and I noticed it again while shopping. Waddle, waddle, waddle. I keep wanting to walk faster than Cletus will allow! He's so big and punchy!

First it was the purple shirt, now my NF shirts don't fit quite right -- pot belly is sticking out there. So I need to pick up some T's sometime soon. I just don't like that stretchy shirt feeling -- prefer things loose. I didn't like any of the ones I saw while out so I'll have to add it to my shopping list when Holly and I get together to shop for a maternity dress I can wear to a wedding we're invited to.

When I got home my SIL called to tell me about nephew's birth defect but my MIL had already called last night. SIL said she was glad. Apparantly MIL was worrying that the news might upset me because I'm pregnant even though SIL kept telling her I'm very sensible and don't get riled easily. Turns out nephew was born with some middle fingers on one hand that are not normal length. Everything else seems fine.

Now nobody wants anything wrong with their baby, but if a baby has to be born with something wrong, I much prefer some small physical thing like this to something more major like a heart or brain problem or blindness or deafness or something. It would be different if he had no hands at all... and it's not like he's missing fingers -- he's got them... just that 2 are sort of short or stubbier than normal.

My uncle and his mother both lost several fingers to accidents and they do fine. It's a manageable situation. You can't even tell they're missing digits until you look closely -- they're that fast!

Both MIL and SIL told me that other SIL and BIL (they are grandparents to this nephew) are still kind of upset and getting over the shock. Nobody has mentioned how the young parents themselves are taking it. I kind of think Paul should call his family and see how they are doing tonight.

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