Thursday, October 30, 2003

26 weeks. I'm closing in on 7 mos so lately in my head I've been changing from "Cletus-the-fetus" to just plain "Baby." When we get the u/s and hopefully learn gender we can start using the real name it is going to be but I'm getting more excited. To me babies aren't "real" until they are viable outside the womb on their own -- that's somewhere around 7 mos. So on Paul's birthday we'll be celebrating a lot of things.

My stomach is getting a lot more stretch marks and my bellybutton is shallower. I keep wondering if that's where it will stop or if it will pop out or not?

Mom told me she bought the baby a potty and a bath tub. I thanked her but I keep reminding her they've already helped so much they really don't NEED to keep getting us baby things but I think she's grandma obsessing.

Baby is clunking around -- must have liked the waffles this morning.

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