Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Got some decent sleep last night so I feel better.

We had a quiet evening watching Raiders of the Lost Ark. Paul got new strings and restrung/tuned his sitar during the movie while I made some little booties from scrap yarn. They turned out ok so I'm probably going to save that pattern. I'd tried it before and it wouldn't come out right but for some reason last night it didn't give me a problem. Maybe it was just that the yarn was easier to see?

Cletus-the-Fetus had me pretty tired so we ordered pizza. I cleaned out the fridge and freezer and in a bit I'm going to hit the grocery store and stock up for this week. Paul helped me with the trash and then gave the kitchen floor a quick scrub. We took a shower and then I went to lay down and read before going to sleep while he finished up with the sitar strings. He really likes his new rosin too.

While I was reading Cletus started back up again with the mega kicks so I got Paul to come over and try to feel them and he actually caught two good ones. So at last he got to feel the baby move! We were both happy about that and I laughed at him when he told me it felt really weird to feel something bopping around in me. I told him to think about how that feels non-stop ALL DAY LONG.

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