Saturday, October 11, 2003

I'm starting to feel better emotionally -- less prone to weeping and more upbeat in general. I hope that's a phase that doesn't cycle around again!

I think maybe Cletus-the-fetus is repsonding to sound. Continued to be very active while I was watching a movie last night and then Paul finished up his drum pad made out of a tupperware container and started playing with the baby. He was pounding away on it in different synth voices when I complained he needed to quit because his thumping made Cletus thump and that made me tired. So of course he didn't stop and it was this big experiment to see what noises Cletus "liked" best -- including a short stint on the 12-string. Then I got a belly rub -- so I guess the musical torture was worth it!

I got up this morning because I heard the kid from the corner start up with his skateboard and I felt Cletus stirring when I was muttering, "Go home kid! Skate in front of your own house!" to myself. Now that the kid is gone and there's no noise other than the keyboard clacking, Cletus quit punching. I'm going to try to see today if he gets more active when there are noises about.

PS: Put Nora Jones on the CD player and there goes baby... thumpthumpthump! This is kind of fun!

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