Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Reader Zay asks me if I know a good book for a crochet newbie. Coincidentally enough, I just put up a another blog called Fuzzycraft over there on the side. Apart from wanting a craft blog I'm experimenting with different locations to revive the old Cat/astrophe/PinkPig stuff once baby is born but I know I'll be short on time and won't be fiddling with HTML coding the longer way.

Anyways... I realized today I have 127 days left. Which breaks down nicely to an average of 1 block every two days for the 63 Block afghan leaflet. I thought it would be fun to race the baby and see who gets here first -- Cletus-the-fetus or the afghan.

The full name of the leaflet is called "63 Easy-To-Crochet Pattern Stiches to Combine to Make an Heirloom Afghan" designed by Darla Sims and published by Leisure Arts. It's typically found at almost any Wal-mart unless they are out of stock. You can get it online as well from several companies.

I've taught several people, including hubby, how to crochet with it as a reference so when people ask me for a newbie guide, I always say that one. It's got some of the clearest illustrations I've seen in the basic stitch guide and you are not really obligated to do all the squares. Just do the ones you like and make the blanket from just 4 squares to all 63.

I'm off to go do errands and get yarn. It's either going to be the same red-grey-white as the Fair Isle afghan I'm working on concurrently or some other color with grey.

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