Saturday, October 18, 2003

Just got home. Spent the day with Paul's family at Magic Kingdom. Both my SIL's told me I was showing a lot and patted my stomach "hello" when they saw me. My BIL joked Paul ought take me theme parking in another 2 months when I'm REALLY out there and see what happens.

I'd brought food from home in case theme park food disagreed with me but it was ok. Better to have it in a locker and not need it than need alternatives and not have them. What I did need and I forgot was Body Glide. By the end of the day my feet and legs could have used some of that after so much waddling around. At 6 mos. along it's not too bad but I don't think I could do a park much past that! Paul told me he should have listened and worn sneakers rather than sandals or at least used Body Glide with the sandals. His feet hurt too.

Cletus-the-fetus was active at times and quiet at times -- I'm sure the day sounded interesting in there. All this music and crowds and later fireworks... maybe he'll have been sooo stimulated all day with new noises that he'll sleep through the night without beating me up!

Big Thunder Mountain was closed, Splash Mountain I sat out, and nobody wanted to do Space Mountain or Goofy's Barnstormer and those were the only 4 rides that AllEars suggested pregnant people stay off of. There was a dip in Pirates of the Carribean but really not much of one and I don't get motion sick very easily so the spinny rides didn't bother me at all. Since the kids were 3 and 5 we did mostly the kiddie stuff for them -- Snow White, Peter Pan, Small World, Buzz Light Year, Character Meetings, Carousel of Progress, etc. All mostly slow, steady rides that were mostly well lit and not too scary looking. The worst of the bunch was probably Snow White for scariness. They both got a bit anxious over the witch. My youngest niece slept right through Pirates and they didn't seem to bother her older sister. We got to see the new Mickey's Philharmagic (sp?) 3D movie thing and it was very cute. The nieces had a great time trying to touch the 3D objects flying out of the screen towards us.

We stayed a little bit later than they did because I really wanted to do the Haunted Mansion and the Liberty Belle boat ride since we didn't get to do those with the kids along. So after walking them to the entrance and giving them some Halloween goodies from the locker for the kids we went up to take the train back to Frontier Land. I don't know if it was just having eaten dinner or if it was the Pony Express but when we were getting off the train Paul told me I was clutching my stomach with a weird smiley look on my face and I told him Cletus was kicking really hard and it felt strange to have that happen while I was walking. It was a first -- usually when he kicks that hard I'm sitting or laying still. It felt kind of weird while walking. It's hard to describe... but it was odd. My telling my body to be walking and then some other thing in my body doing something else of its own volition...

We got Fast Passes for the Haunted Mansion and took a ride on the Liberty Belle. Back to use the passes and then we got ice cream on the way out. We saw the fireworks from the ferry station. If we'd gotten more sleep last night we would have stuck out the last 2 hours and done some of the other things we wanted to do sans kids but that's ok. It will be there for some other time.

It's the first time either one of us has been with a family group in a long time and it was a nice change. Although I have to agree with Paul -- I secretly like our slow-pokey, meandering pace as a couple more. When you are herding a larger group you do tend to get a little more business-like about how you approach the rides and what you do and what you skip. Esp. with young children. There's more of a plan. When it's just one or two -- you kind of play it more by ear and wander all over with no rhyme or reason.

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