Wednesday, October 15, 2003

The bad? I feel really queasy and nothing sounds good to eat.

The so-so? Diseny Half Marathon packets came. I can't race pregnant so I felt a little down about not being able to participate this year but we'll go get our goodie bags in Jan. and watch so that will be fun too.

The good? Was playing with Cletus-the-fetus again and devised a new game. Previous games were "hide and seek" with the stethoscope to see if I could find his pulse and "make him kick" by letting Paul make noises in his general direction. The new game is "kick the bells." I have a key chain with two jingle bells on it that are perfectly round. I came across it while I was in the bathroom looking for a ponytail so more out of curiosity than anything else, I took them up and went to lay down.

I was laying there with my shirt hiked up and these bells on my stomach when Paul walks in and wants to know what I'm doing. I told him I was waiting to see if Cletus can kick strongly enough to make the bells chime yet or not. Turns out he can't make them chime, but he can make them quiver. It was really neat to watch these balls rolling on my stomach every so often. Particularly nice for Paul, since he can't yet feel the movements because Cletus turns shy around him for some reason.

I know. Goofy fetal games.

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