Sunday, October 26, 2003

My stomach STILL itches from that wool sweater but I slept very well and woke up to a quiet baby. Cletus just started kicking around now and it still amazes me how much more comfy his new position is than last week's was for me. I really, really hope he stays that way for a while before rolling around somewhere else. I think I felt his head... not sure though.

Reader Leigh-Anne asks about the pregnancy newsletters I get. I keep up with two of them. One is from and the other is from And congrats on the positive test! :)

Tried getting a hold of my parents to see if they will be in this afternoon. Paul cut Dad's wood for his table project and we want to take it over to him. I also want to see mom about the zipper for the baby hoodie I made. They aren't in so I don't know if they went to work or just out.

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