Thursday, October 16, 2003

24 weeks. Last night I started leaking colostrum so badly it was making me CRAZY.

Paul laughed at me trying to roll over in bed -- it's def. a struggle for me now. Theoretically this baby is creeping in on 2 lbs. So no wonder I feel heavy and cumbersome.

Dad asked me when he called yesterday how I was feeling and I told him other than queasy I was fine and then he wanted to know if I was SURE it wan't twins. No twins in the ultrasounds but I think he's still wondering since twins happen in my family and I keep struggling so much with queasiness and movement. I think I just have a very active singleton. But next week is the OB and then the next appt. after that we learn gender. I am getting sooooo excited to find out what we're having!

It surprised me when Dad suddenly said to try to avoid being induced if I could. Unless there's a problem or unless baby is soooo overdue I wasn't planning on inducing and I told him that. I think he's starting to worry about my giving birth. It's sort of cute. Poor Dad.

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