Friday, October 10, 2003

Noticed little purple marks -- the start of stretch marks -- on my belly after bath today. Baby is kickingup a storm lately -- having trouble sleeping with all that going on. Foods I can't eat while pregnant? Watermelon or melon of any kind (farts) and chocolate chip cookies (heartburn). I keep wondering what new thing I'll discover tomorrow?

I am struggling with some PCOS/TTC related thoughts lately but don't want to go into any detail until i get it sorted out in my head. Basically I know it's frustrating to get diagnosed with PCOS, I know it's frustrating to TTC with PCOS. But it really bothers me to read of patients on forums who don't give each step of the way much time before wanting to jump on to more invasive procedures. But then on the flip side -- how do you decide how much time is enough time before moving on? There's no one answer but it is interesting to think about.

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