Sunday, October 12, 2003

Up and down weekend...

Iggy, my SIL's pet iguana that we've been caring for, died in her sleep so we had to tell Angie and ask her what she wanted us to do -- bring her body to her or bury her here. She said to bury her here since she lived with us for a bit and had other reptile friends here. So today Paul had to bury her in the yard. She died of old age and led a content, well-loved ife so it wasn't unexpected and was a happy passing. We all have Iggy stories and we'll miss her. Companion animals always are.

Then we heard that today our great-nephew was born and arrived weighing 6 lbs, 8 oz, and was 17.25" long. He's so pink in his pictures!

Measured my waist and I'm 2 inches wider than the last time I checked so these stretch marks I'm getting have been confirmed. As if my struggling in and out of my car today wasn't the courtesy clue phone ringing loudly enough. Paul noticed my waddling in the Target parking lot and told me to warn him when it's time to start dropping me off in front of places before he parks the car. I wore my new maternity jeans today and I'm glad I got them in my current size and in one size up. Who knows how big this pot belly is going to get?!

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