Monday, June 30, 2003

Today was our 1st OB appt. and we met Dr. G. and we both decided we liked him. He's very direct and a little gruff, but seemed nice and I felt he handled me ok during the pelvic exam. Everything looked normal, including my cervix so I really don't know waht the ER doc thought she saw when she checked me out a few weeks back. A nabothian cyst maybe. Whatever. Dr. G. said my cervix looked just like a pregnant cervix and was fine. They'll call back on the labs when they come in and like Dr. H., they want to monitor me for hypothyroid med changes and gestational diabetes developing. He said he usually expects a gain of 25-30 lbs but he doesn't mind my gaining a bit less and I got the ok for exercise. Yay!

Paul was mostly well behaved and kept the Rosemary's Baby comments to a minimum. Although at the last moment after I'd changed to a paper gown and I was up on the exam table and the doctor knocked on the door to see if it was ok to come in, he whispered from the wicker chair in the corner of the room, "Hey! Sniff him and see if he smells like tannis root!" Of course, when the doc went by and I got a whiff of his cologne, I got the giggle fits.

I kind of threw up at the doc's office so I got a prescription for nausea meds that I'm going to fill later on today. Also came home with oodles of prenatal samples. Geez!

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