Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Paul's off on a short business trip so I had to drive him to the airport this morning. He took his _Expectant Father_ book to read and while he wasn't looking I slipped a lovey note into it. I miss him already. It feels weird to look out the window and know it's time for him to be getting home from work and he just isn't going to be there today. Sigh.

Nausea is making me nuts today -- twice I've semi-thrown up. The moodiness is hitting me too -- had three mini crying jags just because I was a reading a book and parts of it would set me off. Very melancholy mood. Also worrisome. I'll be 8 weeks later this week, and the more time that passes the less risk of it...but what if I miscarry? What if Paul's plane crashes? What if I don't like the baby? What if something is wrong with the baby? What about a will, guardians, life insurance? What about when I'm ready to go back to work? What about our relationship? Ugh. I hope this moodiness passes soon. I think I even prefer the nausea over this!

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