Wednesday, June 04, 2003

17 DPO. Dr. B's (family practice) called up to tell me my other tests are in and I have a UTI. Poo. So I have to take amoxyl to clear it up. I have to get out of my wet bathing suits faster after pool -- This is the 2nd UTI I've had already.

Had some breast ache and cramps last night. I feel very tired this morning and I might just go lay down again. My stomach itches all over too.


Argh. I went to nap and the same nurse calls to tell me that she called my OB and he pregerred a different antibiotic. I said fine. Tried to go back to sleep. Just got cozy when the nurse from the endoc. called to ask if I still wanted the labwork. It's not me who wan'ts labwork. It's the doc who wants labwork. So why doesn't she ask him instead of me? I tell her the same couched in more polite terms. Back to nap. Ring! Ring! Nurse again telling me that Dr. H. said he still wants some tests but not all of the ones he listed prior. Like it makes a difference to me because I still have to go give a blood sample. What do I care if it's 3 things he's checking or 5? It's the same getting stuck with a needle! Tell her to fax it to the lab and I'll go tomorrow. If it is not there I am to call their office and they will fax it over while I am there. Fine. Nap attempt continues. This time I get to sleep for a few hous and then the phone rings again. It's my mom wanting to know how I'm doing and discuss house plans. I told her I was napping and she let me off fairly easy becuase I must have sounded groggy.

All I wanted to do today is to have a nice easy day and not worry and not think abotu anything. Why can't I do that?!

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