Thursday, June 12, 2003

Paul is still riding a little cloud of father-to-be joy over that first u/s. He's so cute. :)

6 weeks today. I'm struggling with ravenous hunger one moment and literally the next -- nausea to the point of food avoidance. How am I suppoosed to eat like this? Midwife said if it gets so bad I an't get through a day to call because there are meds for that. I'm going to try to hold out til 6/30 appt. and then go from there. So far I've eaten a banana and then 90 minutes later I threw up. Going to try cereal in a while and see how that sits.

Mostly I feel tired and sleep a LOT. But the bedrest thing is already old and I have to keep going til Wed. Nrrrgh.

Read some tips for bedrest from storknet. Some of it is obvious, some of it was useful.

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