Friday, June 20, 2003

We are back from the family doc's. I had to go in for a progress check on my UTI -- so another pee sample and they will call me back later today to tell me if I need more antibiotic. Oh, and the nurse from the OB? She did call back and guess who has more bedrest until NEXT Wed.? Nnnnrgh!

Paul was going for his annual physical and he's trying to unwind now and calm down because going to the doctor always gets him anxious.

Paul told me Dr. B. wanted to know if anythign was wrong with him. Paul told him nothing was wrong with him. So then Dr. B. wanted to know why he made the appointment. Paul tells him he didn't make the appointment, his wife (me) made the appointment. So then Dr. B. wanted to know if *I* think there is something the matter with him. So then Paul explains that I make him have a check-up once a year. I have no records for him since his mother's house burnt up so I make him go so we can build a medical history for him. I suppose Dr. B. thought it odd since most people are reactive rather than preventative in regards to check-ups.

Paul has to have another appt to scan his heart murmur and see how that is, he has to try to improve his HDL/LDL ratio, his blood pressure is high normal so he has to try to keep it there or improve it, he has to cut down on his smoking and soda habits. His hernia scar/area looks fine and other than breaking the scale's height measuring rod because he's so dang tall, nothing wrong with him and nothing we didn't already know he has to improve.

Paul's trying to quit smoking before Oct. or Nov. because that will make it 10 years and he wants to be over it by then. He tries every year to quit for longer stretches at a time so I hope this year he manages it for good.

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