Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Holly offered to drive me to water aerobics class tonight now that I'm cleared for exercise but I asked her for a thurs. raincheck. I dropped off the nausea med. prescription last night and the pharmacy was out of stock and won't have it til Wed. I felt so gross last night I couldn't imagine doing an evening class without meds.

Paul heard me cussing on the couch and he laughed and told me I'm going to give the baby a complex before it is born. I keep telling him I like the growing fetus fine, I just don't like the not-so-fun pregnancy symptoms.

It will be kind of fun to get a 3D ultrasound though. Because Paul's brother was born early and with a minor cleft palette, Dr. G. said he suggested a 3D one when I'm further along so we can check out baby better and see if there's going to be a problem.

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