Friday, June 13, 2003

5:30 AM! Ugh! You know when I get the chance to sleep, I've been sleeping really well. But when the nausea kicks in there is no way for me to be comfortable. I've had some Special K, and while it stayed down so far, it's not esp. helping. So much for trying to eat small meals. I've had a tic tac, and while that helped the weird taste in my mouth, nothing. Same with brushing my teeth. Tried peppermint tea but one sip and the strong minty smell put me off. Ginger ale -- I can take it or leave it. So far room temp. lemon iced tea is staying with me but I can't relax enough to go back to sleep.

I think today I'll get sea bands. If I'm still up when it turns light out I'm going to zip to walmart to get some bands. . I keep asking myself why I didn't just get a pair last weekend before this kicked in? I knew it was coming. Poo! :P

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