Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Dad called to see how I am feeling and asked about my exercise and I said I was off bedrest but no plans for exercise today. He then put Mom on the phone. Mom informed me that she's been looking things up in the chinese almanac and next year is the year of the monkey. So baby will be like my dad -- another monkey. She wanted to know if I've been peeing a lot (yes) and said that probably means it is a girl. I told her I already looked it up in the chinese gender charts and it looks like a girl there. But then we'll know with a later ultrasound. Paul was thought ot be a girl and look what happened!

Sooo looking forward to dim sum with the family on Sunday. Mmmmm.... lots of nice things to eat. I'm obsessed with good things to eat lately. Also looking forward to a workout soon... I'm getting antsy.

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