Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Up early today with some cramps so I ate some goldfish crackers to ward off nausea, elevated my feet and finished reading The Seven Dials Mystery by Agatha Christie . Paul made the observation that the entire area around the twin bed is littered with books. What did he expect after a week of bedrest? No more spotting, so I'm not going to count that slight bit from the other day because I refuse to go in for another whole 7 days of bedrest. I'm not planning on doing anything major today, but still! Enough bed rest already. I feel like an invalid. And bored. If it turns up again I'll worry about it then but for now --- free! A whole day stretching out before me! Hooray!

I just want to clean the kitchen, the fridge, and get groceries for tonight's dinner. That's all. No other goals, no other ambitions. Just get my kitchen into shape again. Then chill the rest of the afternoon -- crochet or watch a movie or something.

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