Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Cramps continue. Very bad yesterday (mon.) morning so I missed my endoc. appt. and called my GP's nurse. Also had some pinkish spotting on toilet paper after going to pee. Eventually she called back and said to go to the ER to be looked at because it was either a possible kidney stone or vaginal bleeding while pregnant. So I called Paul to come get me only he had his car break down! So even though I was not feeling great I had to go fetch him.

We left his car by the road and spent 4 hrs at ER. Not so bad and they found no blood in a urine sample and a pelvic showed a closed cervix and everything in good order. Doc said spotting is not uncommon in first trimester but to go home and rest for a few days and def. call my OB about it tomorrow and see what he wanted to do about it. He told me I wasn't miscarrying at that moment but they still consider any kind of vaginal bleeding during pregnancy a "threatened miscarraige." But then again it could resolve itself and women often can have this happen and carry to term just fine. So we get out of the ER and have to go find a tow truck to get Paul's car. By the time I made it home I was ready to crash out on the sofa. What a day! :P


Slept really well -- thank goodness! I needed that! Light spotting on TP when I use thebathroom continues -- it's brownish now. Called OB and I have a 10:50 AM appt. tomorrow for a sonogram and blood test. Wish it was for today but they don't do sonograms today. Nurse said not to worry and so long as it wasn't red blood and I wasn't needing a pad or anything not to stress. Just take it easy today and stay off my feet. And to call if things change.

For the most part I feel ok. Not freaking out, not anxious. I wasn't even freaked out last night at ER. Just super cautious.

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