Friday, June 13, 2003

Mom e-mails to tell me that she was talking to my aunt in Hong Kong and told her the news and that Aunt Annie sends me a big hug and congrats. Then she says that Aunt annie asked her to remind me to be careful when having sex because of the whole spotting deal earlier this week. Mom said she was going to tell me that anyway and to not mind the "old lady impertinence."

I was amused and told her bed rest includes pelvic rest. So no, people, Paul and I aren't living it up lately. But it isn't because I'm not horny as hell. Hooray, pregnancy hormones.

And since I'm talking about sex, and if you are so minded, think about donating to Scarleteen.. Scarleteen is a privately owned, volunteer-run sexuality clearinghouse for teens and young adults that receives no federal, state, or local funding. If it isn't your thing that's fine, but if it is there ya go.

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